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WHATS UP!? (YouTube Show) feat. Kevin Abroad

12 October 2019



WHATS UP!? is a YouTube-Show i created in January 2018, directly inspired from “interviews in 12 questions” from the YouTuber Absol Videos. The principle is pretty simple : analyzing thoroughly and writing down notes that sound relevant about the whole content of a YouTuber’s channel. I figured that, eventhough those interviews can sometimes be pretty long to watch, if you deal with fascinating subjects that can spark one’s interests, it is in my opinion really still worth watching through.




I have been knowing Kevin for almost two years now. Kevin is a french YouTuber that is fond of languages and culture and that got a BA in English, an MA in linguistics as well as a PGCE (certificate to teach in the UK) that he obtained in Brighton. We have always had the same interests (languages and culture, video games, video-making, selfhelp and personal development, travel etc…), which is why a collab was definitely something obvious and interesting to do. We have made 2 collabs on YouTube so far (the show I’m just going to talk about, as well as a “Guess the Accent Challenge” (French Edition) made in December 2018 in Paris).




I must have found out about Kevin’s channel in late 2017 (Probably at the end of September or at the beginning of October). At that time, I was eager to becoming a teacher in the UK. The good news is that as I’m native in French and I could speak German, i could have taught both languages at school, which was why i got motivated in the first place. Indeed, i had been looking for a solution to using my whole knowledge of the german language as well as practicing it. On a rainy day in my room in London, i just typed a few words into YouTube : “PGCE” (certificate you have to pass in order to become a teacher in the UK) or even “how to become a teacher in the UK”, and i bumped into Kevin Abroad’s channel, who must have been the only one that produced an entire video explaining what is the PGCE, how to apply for it, what the expectations are and so on… Because i really found that video useful and motivating, i just got the curiosity to watch some more videos in Kevin’s channel, which were all about languages and culture. I also found out that Kevin lived in Brighton and, because i was in London, a collaboration with him would have been quite easy to do. Here is how it all started.




How long it took to prepare it: a few days to binge-watch Kevin’s channel, and writing down relevant information for the questions

Recording : almost took a whole day (set-up, continuously recording the show, breaks…)

Editing : 3 to 4 days (cuts, multi-cam, extracts from both of our channels, sound correction, summary…)

Additional infos : the video is divided into 3 parts.




Part 1 :


(00:35) – Can you introduce yourself ? (Kevin)

(00:51) – Describe both of your channels (Jeremy & Kevin)

(3:31) – What did you study ? (Kevin)

(6:17) – Why did you study English and not Spanish ? (Kevin)

(7:55) – How did you learn 5 languages ? (Kevin)

(10:47) – Why did you create a channel about languages and culture ? (Kevin)

(16:11) – Which videos of yours would you recommend to others ? (Kevin & Jeremy)

(21:22) – Talks about Japan (Jeremy & Kevin)

(25:06) – How was your trip to Japan ? Do you like Japanese culture ? (Kevin & Jeremy)


Part 2 :


(0:05) How was your Erasmus experience? (Jeremy & Kevin)

(9:07) What pieces of advice do you give to people who hesitate to do Erasmus? (Jeremy & Kevin)

(15:28) How did your English level get better over time? (Kevin)

(19:17) How do you feel being a French Assistant in the UK? (Kevin & Jeremy)

(32:31) Do you have some piece of advice while preparing the PGCE? (Kevin)


Part 3 :



(00:03) – What are the main differences between teaching in France and the UK? (Kevin/Jeremy)

(03:35) – What are the differences between French and British school systems? (Kevin/Jeremy)

(11:05) – What are the differences between British and French culture? (Kevin/Jeremy)

(17:04) – In which language do you watch most of the content and why? (Kevin/Jeremy)

(24:02) – Do you have other projects in the future? (Kevin/Jeremy)


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