Avicii’s album « TIM » : 2 amazing tracks leaked

Today i’m so grateful to write the article about one, as far as EDM’s concerned, the world’s greatest inspiration of this century. If you already read my previous article in French : https://jeremyfulep.com/avicii-nest-pas-mort/ , you may already know that Avicii’s next album « TIM » will be released on June 6th 2019.

TOP 10 of my favorite DJs (May 2019)

If you already read my first article named “Top 5 de mes DJs préférés (Fevrier 2019)” you may already be aware of the 5 DJs that I prefer the most. Among all of my favorite DJs, I did know which ones to chose in order to come up with a top 5 ranking according to my personal taste and experience, having been listening for EDM for many years.

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TOP 10 of my favorite DJs (May 2019)

Today, I am writing my very first article in English on this blog. As a first shot, I am going to cover a subject that requires very little brainstorm and research for me, because otherwise the article would take even longer to write. If you already read my first...

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